Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is Blog and Blogging

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Since the Past 10 Years blogs became popular on the Internet and so many are publishing their blogs on the Internet and there are so many who are earning a lot of money from this blogs. So what is a blog anyway?

Ok now you are reading this "Post" or an "Article" you can call with any relevant name you like so, This Post or an Article is a part of a blog. I will try to explain it further more with relevant examples and with some understandable visual diagrams. So before that let me explain about this "Post" or an "Article". In this "Post" i am trying to explain about blog, How to Create and design blogs, how to monetize blogs in an efficient way using SEO Optimization techniques and so on. So this Post is starting point of this blog which is an introduction about a blog.

Here is an simple explanation of an blog. 
"A Blog is a Combination of one or more Posts and Articles which contains relevant Information"

Here is an another example, if you are reading this blog then i assume you know how to operate a computer and its basics. So imaging a "blog" is a like "folder" which contains group of "Posts" like "Files" and inside each Post you can have one or more pages. In this Post it contains a single Page.

Take a look of the diagram below to understand more about blog.

Well now i hope you are clear about blog, so what is blogging then?

Similar to Writing, Talking, blogging is nothing but writing Posts in blogs which contains relevant Information. And anyone doing this blogging is called a blogger.

I wrote this Post for anyone who wants to know what is a blog and blogging, hope you have understood the concept of blog and blogging. I will write more on blogging and how to create blogs online for free and monetizing your blogs and so on. Keep in touch and Leave your comments and questions.  Have a Good Day :)