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How to Make Money from Blog

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I have Planned to write a Tutorial about "How To Create Blog" and also covering the technical aspects of it.Before that i landed here thought to write a post on "How to Monetize a Blog" meaning "How to Make Money from Your Blog", i thought to write this post a littler earlier based on the comments and interests i received in my blog on monetizing process.

Can Anyone Make Money Blogging?

Many of them will be thinking is it really possible to earn money from blogs?, as i was thinking myself earlier. Well the answer is "Definitely Yes". Everyone can earn money from blogging by following certain Instructions and Disciplines
in blogging. 

First i will give here step by step and easy to understand Instructions on How to Make Money blogging, then i will write some interesting details "How Much Peoples are Really Earning from Blogging?" The top 5 blog earners list is mind boggling and make you go crazy haha, well yes it's huge money, ok before start to dream, lets get started on the real practical part of it :)

So just sit back and relax and just grab some pop corn and cold beer and start reading this post which is a booster for your mood :)

There are 3 Main types of Methods to Earn Money from blog.

1. Ad Networks
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Ad Banners

1. Ad Networks

 Well What is a "Ad Network". Ok here is an example. Lets say you own a "xyz" company and the company manufactures "abc" product. Being the owner of the company you would like your "abc" product to be sold in huge quantities to get maximum profits and turnovers. Also you would like your company "xyz" to be famous among the other existing Companies in the Market, which in turn produces more quantity of sales. So the more popular your company and product, the more profit you earn.

So you planned to approach a famous Marketing Agency "Ma Inc" which will distribute your Ads across the globe in terms of banners, Television ads etc.. now you got the idea right? ya Advertising your company and your product reaching millions and millions of "eyes" and into the public community. ok to advertise your product "ma inc" will charge some money based on the type of Ads you want to distribute.

Ok now the same idea we are going to apply to our blog which is in the Internet Media or Internet World. There are many and many companies and products out there selling products and providing services online. And Even Products sold in Real world are being advertised online, thats the power of Internet Media and Net Marketing.

These Companies similar to "abc" will pay some money to lets say "Google" similar to "Ma Inc" to advertise their products and services into the Internet world. And how google will distribute these ads in the Internet world? Guess What? Yes through Websites and blogs.

ok Lets see in detail how it works. Lets say you have a very popular blog which has lot of posts with good quality contents, and you have lot of visitors, so you are getting pretty neat traffic each day. That means you have lot of "eyes" viewing your blog. so if google distributes the ads through your blog, and you become a publish for those ads, the visitors visting your blog also see those ads and some will click on it and some will goto their sites and purchase products, use services etc.. 

So here is the trick, whenever a "Visitor" of your blog "Clicks" on the "Ads" that's displayed by "google" you will get some $ credited on your account. Pretty Simple huh? :) Yes it is simple, but initially you have to do some hard work in Creating blog, Write Posts with quality contents, advertise your blog to drive traffic, build community to achieve reasonable traffic to your blog.

Ok we have talked in brief about "What are Ad Networks" hope you ran out of pop corn :P go get some more :) now the question is which is the highest paying Ad Netowork right now in the Internet.

It's "Google" and its Program called "Google Adsense"
There are many others also in the market, i will write more in my forth coming posts.

If you are using blogger.com, then you might have notice "Earnings" option on the left side of your blogspot, from there you can apply for Google Adsense account. 

Before that try to create atleast some 30 Posts with good quality contents and some pretty neat traffice lets say 200 to 300 visitors per day, then you are good to apply for Ad Networks programs. Because imagine you being a owner of "xyz" company and you won't advertise your product to a place where there are no human population to view and buy your product, make sense right?

However you can monetize your blog with minimum traffic with "bidvertiser"
publisher and Referal Programs. Click
the banner given below to register.

I will also write some posts on how to create Posts with quality content and which topics to choose etc.. which will give you pretty neat idea to create your own posts in your blog with unique content and will be easier to monetize your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Example is "Amazon.com" you can create an account in Amazon and display their products in your blog, and start selling Amazon products. so any visitors from your blog make purchase in Amazon, you will get a % of Commission from the purchase. That's pretty neat and simple too? ya it is. I will write more on create blog specifically targetting Affiliate Marketing programs.

3. Ad Banners

Ok this one is not easier, to do this your website or blog should have been well established already, so that you can approach any Company and explain about your blog, the traffic and number of visitors it gets. So the Company will be convinced and ready to use your blog as a launching platform for their products by displaying banner ads on your blogs, well you might have seen many of those on may websites and blogs. I will write more posts on Ad banners too explaining how to get Ad banners for your blogs.

This Post is a brief explanation on "how to make money from blogs" there are many other details needs to be covered and you need to get familiar with those too, such as SEO (Search engine optimization), getting traffic, promoting your blog, how much google pays for each clicks on ads etc.. etc..

That's all for now in this post and hope you enjoyed reading it and most important got more enthusiasm in creating your blog and monetizing it.

yup i remember the last part that i promised :)

Here is the Top 5 Earners in the World "Just by using Google Adsense"

1. Shawn Hogan
Website : forum.digitalpoint.com
Alexa Rank : 286
Estimated Adsense Earning: $500,000 / Month

2. Markus Frin
Website: www.plentyoffish.com
Alexa Rank: 274
Estimated Adsense Earning: $300,000 / Month

3. Kevin Rose
Website: www.digg.com
Alexa Rank: 185
Estimated Adsense Earning: $250,000 / Month

4. Michael Arrington
Website: www.techcrunch.com
Alexa Rank: 6
Estimated Adsense Earning: $240,000 / Month

5. Nick Halstead
Website: www.tweetmeme.com
Alexa Rank: 739
Estimated Adsense Earning: $225,000 / Month

Crazy right? ya but it's real and true :) and there are so many others earn money and make their living blogging.

All the Best and Have a Wonderful Day !


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