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Real and Genuine Online Typing Jobs

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First of all Thanks for Visiting my Blog. I am Happy to Say that this is the My First Blog :) and i am really excited to write and do the formatting and design work with the all features available here in the

I have Started this blog mainly to share those practical and proven methods of earning money online.

I will start with the first option that me and my wife tried it first online, that is online typing job. we were searching online if we could earn some extra money online during our free time, since we both are working. and while searching in google we found this site an genuine site for online typing jobs and prompt payments and through which we earned some 14$ which is not a big amount, because we were doing this keying job only a few hours a day and we did it for around a month or so. 

The important thing i want to discuss here is how we can earn real money through this site and i will give here some screenshots of the typing Interfaces and instructions, how to apply etc..

i will also put the screenshot of my earnings that me and my wife earned it on 2010, ya which is a long while ago, after that i wasn't focusing on online money making strategies. now i am focusing on all of the real and proven money making techniques, also i request whoever is reading and stopping by, please share if you have successfully earned money online with all the details you can provide for others to get benefit from.

Well Now blogging became my passion and its really interesting that you can share your ideas to others and really you can help others, and all those ad networks and affiliate programs available to us to make money online are fascinating. I am going to do lot of posts on it :)

Ok here is how to make money from keyforcash.

before that i want to say you can't use this typing job for a living. I think you can make a decent amount of money lets say a 200$ to 300$ a month, well it all depends upon your interest and your typing speed. I Suggest this online typing job best for anyone like house wives, college students who wants to earn some extra income online.

if you are interesting in typing and happy about it, and want to sit in a corner of your coach watching tv and eating pop corns and play your fingers on your computer keyboard then this is a right job for you :)

  • Goto
  • Click on the Sign Up button
  • Login using the newly created ID
  • Initially they will give you 1 or 2 typing tests online. Make sure you do well without any errors maintaining speed and accuracy. Well if you are not so well in typing you can ask any of your friends to take this test :)
  • After Completing the test, you will receive the confirmation email that you received the online typing job. i received the confirmation email within the next day after completing the test.
  • Then Thats it! Enjoy Typing and Start Making Money :)
 After you get Approval and you login, you will see typing jobs appearing in your screen. There are different types of jobs you can select and do the keying.

Here are some different types of keying you will get. They are so many categories, also they have Instructions for all types of Keying which will help you out how to key for each category.

Instructions and Keying Categories

  •     Alphanumeric
  •     Numeric
  •     Letters Only
  •     Dollars Only
  •     Dollars and Cents
  •     Dates
and so on....

    Here is a screenshot below how a numeric category keying will look like

    Ok now finally, screenshot for my online earnings, it's shows only 12$, but don't get discouraged with it, because i was not keying for every day. They pay you for characters keyed. The Rate will displayed along withe keying category you see in your screen itself as in the first screenshot.

    Hope you enjoy my post and got information you are looking for to start of your part time online typing job :)

    Wish You All the Best!

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    2. Thanks friend for this beautiful information. Actually I was seeking some online part time job which I can do in my free time. I am a college student and wants to earn for myself. Your blog is very nice and helpful.
      Also I am very new to blogging, so here is my blog: . Hope you'll visit it once

      1. Hey Lalit Sharma, thanks and i am glad the info is helpful to you. i looked in to your blog and it's good :)
        all the best and happy blogging :)

      2. Hi guys!..I wanna ask...How to earn income from blogging?

      3. Hello and welcome
        There are different methods to monetize a blog. I have given a brief below.
        PPC (pay per click) program's like google adsense, chitika, adbrite etc.
        Affiliate program's like amazon
        Hosting ad banners
        These program's famous ones to monetize blogs. Unlike online jobs like typing which can get u money quickly, blogs needs posts with contents, traffic and of course community with similar ideas. I will be writing more posts on how to create blog, making money (monetizing) blogs and strategies. So keep in touch with this blog and other blogs which u have similar interest, which will help u to grow as a community to share ideas and different methods of making money online.
        All the best.

    3. Hi!...The one that you shared is really very useful especially to a stay home moms like me. I've been searching for a "not a scam online job" for months now. Unfortunately, I couldn't even find one. I'm so glad that I've encountered your blog. I will try I wanna earn extra income to compensate our expenses. I hope that site would be a big help to me. Thank you so much Tic Toc!

      1. Hello, welcome and iam glad you got the information Ur looking for. I will be writing more posts regarding making money online with the options I tried and others who have tried which proved beneficial. Keep visiting this blog to read and share experiences of everyone on this community who are keen on making money online. All the best.


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